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ACSS Related Websites


  • Afro Celt Sound System Official SIte  - The Afro Celts' official website is not operational as of this date and is forwarded to this website.


  • Afro Celt Sound System Website on - Martin Russell, Afro Celt producer, engineer, programmer, writer, keyboard player and Renaissance man, runs the ACSS site on  Check it out, read Martin's blogs and hear exclusive, never released ACSS tracks.


  • ACSS Real World Records Microsite - This site has great information on all the Afro Celts' music, including Volume 5: Anatomic.  It contains lots of information on the Afro Celts and fantastic videos on the making of each album, including interviews with the band and amazing footage of live performances. 


ACSS Live Performances


  • KCRW Live Studio Performances and Interviews - Watch the Afro Celts live in studio performances for KCRW in Los Angeles. There are three Afro Celt live studio performances, all of which are fantastic!  The initial studio performance was on June 2, 1999 and featured only James and Iarla performing Eireann, I Think Of, a traditional song from Iarla's hometown in West Cork and Samhradh (Summer), one of the most achingly beautiful songs ever and one rarely performed by the Afro Celts.  The second studio performance was on March 20, 2000 and featured the full band performing North (before Vol. 3 was released), Amber, Release, Lovers of Light and Mandrake the day before their memorable sold-out show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles.  The third studio performance was on July 9, 2003 to launch their tour of the United States in support of Seed and was videotaped so you can watch it via the KCRW studio webcam.  You will need an updated Real Player to listen to the shows.  We highly recommend listening to KCRW, particularly their shows Morning Becomes Eclectic and New Ground.   


  • Cambridge Folk Festival - Watch the Afro Celts performance at the Cambridge Folk Festival on August 2, 2003.


ACSS Band Member Websites


  • The Imagined Village -  Simon Emmerson's project that merges traditional folk music with the modern musical world, with an amazing lineup of excellent musicians, including Sheila Chandra, Martin Carthy, Eliza Carthy, Chris Wood, Billy Bragg, Transglobal Underground and The Dhol Foundation.


  • Dhol Foundation - Johnny Kalsi's Dhol Foundation project's website.


  • Iarla O'Lionaird - Learn more about Iarla's solo CDs released on the RealWorld label.


  • N'Faly Kouyate - Learn more about N'Faly's rich ancestral heritage and his work to promote understanding and tolerance among all cultures in the world and read his biography here.


  • Dunyakan - N'Faly Kouyate's Belgium based ensemble Dunkayan ("The Voice of the World"). The website is in French and English (click on the British flag icon).


  • Emer Mayock - Emer Mayock's website. 


  • Mairead Nesbitt - Mairead Nesbitt's website. 


ACSS Interviews, Reviews and Articles


  • Innerviews - Read great interviews with the Afro Celts (May 3, 2001) and Iarla O'Lionaird (August 22, 2000) by Anil Prasad.


  • A May 2004 interview with James McNally.


  • A conversation with Johnny Kalsi on the dhol.


  • A conversation with Simon Emmerson at Womad 2001.


  • An interview with Simon and N'Faly after the Afro Celts debut on the David Letterman show in the U.S.


  • An interview with James and Iarla about "Volume 3: Further In Time".


  • An interview with Simon about "Volume 2: Release."


  • An interview with Simon about "Volume 3: Further in Time".


  • An interview with James and Jo Bruce about "Volume 1: Sound Magic".


  • The Afro Celts' "Seed" tops the Essential Echoes list for 2003 and "Volume 5: Anatomic" is selected as an essential CD for 2005!


  • Folk World review of Afro Celts gig in Cologne in July of  99.


  • Roots World interview with Iarla.


Other ACSS Fan Websites


  • - Another ACSS fan website  that has great photographs of the Afro Celts. (Website is in German)


  • - A tribute to Iarla O'Lionaird.


Other Websites of Interest


  • Jamie Reid - Learn about the cover art for the Afro Celt Sound System's CDs and other works of art of Jamie Reid - the artist that created the cover art for Volume 1: Sound Magic, the Whirly-Y-Reel single, Volume 2: Release and Volume 3: Further In Time.


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